First Bank of Owasso


First Bank of Owasso


First Bank of Owasso has served the Owasso community and Northeast Oklahoma for over half a century. Serving over 10,000 clients in 39 states, First Bank of Owasso recognized the need for new IT infrastructure capable of keeping up with increasing demands. It was vital that such a solution provide them with extremely high uptime while keeping servers and information in-house.

First Bank of Owasso selected InterWorks to engineer a revamped IT infrastructure. InterWorks proposed a virtualization setup, including a SAN and two hosts. The new setup included the powerful Dell EqualLogic SAN for data storage and two Dell Power Edge servers with ESXi to act as hosts in a VMware environment. The two servers would split the load placed on them, offering near-instant transfer of processing to one another in the event that one stops working. InterWorks also implemented Veeam as a reliable backup and restoration solution. Not only did First Bank of Owasso want InterWorks to implement these solutions, they also

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