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Business intelligence (BI) provides highly interactive visualisations which can show the trends and provide with actionable data and support the management in faster decision Trends, actionable info, decision making

Business Analytics

We leverage our expertise and tools to answer questions like why is this happening, what if these trends continue, what will happen next (that is, predict), what is the best that can happen

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Making Big Data Work For Your Business

Big data is key to enterprise growth and success, delivering actionable insights based on real information. Just a few years ago, however, big data would have been just a big dream for most companies. A significant factor in this change is the cost of storage.

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What Is The Difference Between Business Reporting And Analytics?

Despite its growing importance, it seems some aspects of the business analytics story remain unclear for many. Here, we take a look at one of the most frequently asked questions on the topic: ‘What actually is the difference between business reporting and business analytics

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Tableau Makes Big Data Accessible For Business Users

Wikibon co-founder Dave Vellante and Principal Analyst Jeff Kelly kicked off the sixth annual Tableau Customer Conference in Washington, D.C. with a thorough introduction to the company, its impact on the analytics landscape and the competition.

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  • As an Internet Retailer, we have to work on metrics all the time. Sekhar worked with us to ensure we had the right metrics in place and also coordinated with our team to ensure they use the reports for daily, weekly and monthly decision making. He added strategic insights into our company which helped us align to better.

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  • We have been using BI reports of Vayaa Systems . These reports were very handy and useful to us. It helped in having full control over our debtors. Thus reducing our outstandings. Secondly, this reporting system also helped us in increasing sale as we now able to pin point where is the sale going down. Which customer’s business is reducing and in what products and in what months.

    Thanks to Vayaa Systems for making these effective tools.

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