Business Intelligence


Finding the right consultant is critical to user-adoption. You need a consultant with considerable skill and experience, but you also need a consultant focused on your needs. At Vayaa Systems , we provide exhaustive consulting services with a personalized approach to you and your data.

With unrivaled multi-industry experience, we merge technical data know-how with logical business solutions. We’re confident that we can meet all of your business intelligence and data needs.

Integration Strategy

Integrating BI tools across an entire organization requires special attention to the needs of every department within that organization. It’s crucial that BI tools are implemented in a manner that meets each department’s goals in keeping with the overarching goals of the organization as a whole. Piecing all this together to form a cohesive data integration strategy can be challenging – that is where we come in.

Project Planning

In order to harness big data, you need an equally big plan. Working out project logistics takes extensive time and effort that you don’t have. Fortunately, we have you covered. Our team of experienced business intelligence consultants can create a custom plan, executing it every step of the way.

We oversee the entire project from start to finish, ensuring that all your data receives the attention it deserves and that your organization is properly trained. Our extensive experience in IT infrastructure also adds considerable value when it comes to working with IT departments or tackling security issues. We help your data reach its maximum potential with our project plans and discover additional opportunities that you might not even have thought about.

Proofs of Concept

We provide you with proofs of concept, showing you exactly how BI tools can transform your data into an asset. A proof of concept from Vayaa Systems breaks down all the capabilities you’ll get from our Tableau consulting, giving you a better grasp of your data and your investment.

Ad Hoc Analysis

Sometimes you need a ready to go solution – and fast. Business doesn’t stop, and neither should you. We specialize at impromptu data analysis, providing you with a quick, clear-cut solution.

Best Practices

Knowing which forms of visualization are best for expressing different types of data isn’t common knowledge. We provide in-depth training in business analytics methodology, in keeping with the highest standards in the business intelligence industry.

Knowledgeable Business Intelligence Consultants

What sets our business intelligence consultants apart is a deep understanding of all things BI. When implementing, it is vital that a consultant has a grasp of data and BI principles on every level. Our consultants are well versed in their data knowledge, with experience in data warehouse design and ETL development. On top of that, our consultants are also skilled in server deployment and tuning. This gives clientele one complete BI solution from start to finish, which is invaluable to companies both small and large.

  • As an Internet Retailer, we have to work on metrics all the time. Sekhar worked with us to ensure we had the right metrics in place and also coordinated with our team to ensure they use the reports for daily, weekly and monthly decision making. He added strategic insights into our company which helped us align to better.

    Gifting Inc

  • We have been using BI reports of Vayaa Systems . These reports were very handy and useful to us. It helped in having full control over our debtors. Thus reducing our outstandings. Secondly, this reporting system also helped us in increasing sale as we now able to pin point where is the sale going down. Which customer’s business is reducing and in what products and in what months.

    Thanks to Vayaa Systems for making these effective tools.

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