Tableau Developer - Technology

  • Technology/Domain : Tableau
  • Job Title : Tableau Developer
  • Positions : 2
  • Skills :
    1. Experience on working with Tableau
    2. Good experience on building dashboards using Tableau
    3. Should have experience in setting up the Tableau environment (Installation , setup, configuration of clustered environment).
    4. Excellent communication skills
    5. Knowledge of Business Intelligence and Star schemas/Fact and Dimension tables
  • Experience : 1 - 3 years
  • Qualification :BTech/BE/MCA

Business Intelligence Consultant - Junior Associate

  • Technology/Domain : Tableau, MongoDB, Hadoop
  • Job Title :Business intelligence Consultant-Junior Associate
  • Positions : 1
  • Skills : Will work across business to understand customer needs and develop high value solutions. Will be accountable for the design and implementation of solutions that meet software functional and non-functional requirements and adhere to established development standards.
  • Experience : 1 - 3 years
  • Qualification : BTech/BE/MCA

Data Analyst - Associate

  • Technology/Domain : Hadoop, Tableau, MS SQL
  • Job Title : Data Analyst - Technology
  • Positions : 2
  • Skills :
    1. Excellent data, analytic & problem-solving skills – ability to translate data into actionable insights which can be easily understood and utilized by the entire organization and external partners.
    2. Strong knowledge of SQL (preferably MS SQL) and Excel is essential.
    3. Experience with Big Data (Hadoop etc.) and data visualization (Tableau etc.) a plus.
    4. Passionate about data and analytics
    5. Overall, a highly driven, results-orientated, creative, intellectually curious, nimble problem solver, who uses technical data excellence and whatever it takes to deliver business value rapidly
  • Experience : 1 - 3 years
  • Qualification : BTech/BE/MCA
  • As an Internet Retailer, we have to work on metrics all the time. Sekhar worked with us to ensure we had the right metrics in place and also coordinated with our team to ensure they use the reports for daily, weekly and monthly decision making. He added strategic insights into our company which helped us align to better.

    Gifting Inc

  • We have been using BI reports of Vayaa Systems . These reports were very handy and useful to us. It helped in having full control over our debtors. Thus reducing our outstandings. Secondly, this reporting system also helped us in increasing sale as we now able to pin point where is the sale going down. Which customer’s business is reducing and in what products and in what months.

    Thanks to Vayaa Systems for making these effective tools.

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