Functional BI

Emphasise more on right and timely opportunities with Sales Analytics

  • Empower each sales rep with sales analytics to understand how to best track and improve their own performance
  • Manage sales pipelines by gaining insight into true causes of bottlenecks, including stage history and aging
  • Predictive modelling across markets, leads, opportunities and other key stages
  • Drive average deal size by using predictive models to target high-revenue markets and prospects

Sales Management

Provide the right people with the right information at the right time

Quota Dashboard

Stop waiting weeks for data


Analyze your sales pipeline & performance


Compare sales data across time, groups or individuals

"What-if" Analysis

Avoid shortfalls by using "what if" analysis

An initiative to comprehend market effectiveness

  • Helps to achieve marketing ROI evaluating campaign effectiveness
  • Expand opportunities and markets by analysing the behaviour of target prospects
  • Holistic data analysis across marketing channels, regions, time and offers
  • Deep level of marketing analytics using cross-data sources and historical point in time comparisons.

Analyze Campaigns

Provide the right people with the right information at the right time

Analyze Geographically

Analyze geographical buying behavior

Segment Audiences

Identify your best and worst audiences

Brand Awareness

Discover brand insights and better understand brand awareness by customer segment

Financial Analytics

  • Boost cash flows and working capital by identifying levers that impact company inventory, receivables, and payables
  • Drive a tighter operating plan by understanding the proximate causes of budget-vs-actual variances
  • Reduce procurement costs with financial analytics of spending patterns and behaviors within your organization

Holistic view of employee performance and employers actions

  • Manage labor hours and productivity and understand staffing trends.
  • Identify areas of risk with what-if planning.
  • Identify patterns in hiring, firing and promotions across your company
  • Study the employee life cycle in correlation with costs involved
  • Use data to help you set important HR policies

Risk Mitigation


Staffing Analysis

Succession Planning

Greater insights across the entire supply chain

  • Increase your inventory turnover and achieve on-time deliveries consistently
  • Sustain lower COGS by benchmarking and choosing suppliers based on on- time delivery, product reliability, and price
  • Better support S&OP with a view across all plans and the ability to drill into each forecast, historical shipment, booking, or backlog

Risk Mitigation


Succession Planning

Holistic view of operations

  • Combine data from your financial, operations and sales systems into one holistic view and measure your customer acquisition costs and renewal rates
  • Visualize metrics such as customer life time value (LTV), cost of acquisition (CAC) and payback period

Optimize your lead to cash process and analyze pipeline and order bottlenecks

Staffing Analysis


  • As an Internet Retailer, we have to work on metrics all the time. Sekhar worked with us to ensure we had the right metrics in place and also coordinated with our team to ensure they use the reports for daily, weekly and monthly decision making. He added strategic insights into our company which helped us align to better.

    Gifting Inc

  • We have been using BI reports of Vayaa Systems . These reports were very handy and useful to us. It helped in having full control over our debtors. Thus reducing our outstandings. Secondly, this reporting system also helped us in increasing sale as we now able to pin point where is the sale going down. Which customer’s business is reducing and in what products and in what months.

    Thanks to Vayaa Systems for making these effective tools.

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